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We Love Art

The Washougal Arts and Culture Alliance was started for one purpose - to promote Art in Washougal.

Our mission statement is clear: to enrich and engage our community through the display and support of local artists’ work.

We wouldn't do this if we didn't love Art. It's baked into WACA from the beginning because we recognize the importance of Art in the public sphere.

Join us in our mission to support Art and artists in the Washougal-Camas area.

It's not only rewarding, it's a lot of fun.

Your membership will elevate arts and culture in Washougal. Please join us at the amount that is right for you. Membership will run for a calendar year. 

Complete the form below to join online or send a note with your name, email, and a check to WACA to: PO Box 684, Washougal WA 98671

All memberships include a subscription to the WACA e-newsletter, keeping you up-to-date on WACA’s projects, plus invitations to all WACA events, including art installation and dedication ceremonies, fund-raising and more. Want to do more? Consider becoming a sponsor of our next installation. Contact us to discuss how to create the greatest impact.

Only want to donate but not become a member (or maybe you already are)?

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If there is room for more Art in your life, or you simply want to help out, here are some easy ways to become involved. Our goal is to inform and engage people like yourself who want to play a role in bringing more public art to Washougal. We are a non-profit and volunteer-run organization that runs almost entirely on the generosity of the community. Any donations go to the support of Art in Washougal.


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There is far more Art in Washougal than meets the eye. See what there is... and see why we are so passionate in our support of Art and Artists here in Washougal.